'Tall, demonstrative with blonde, flowing locks and a wide range of theatrical gestures, Richard Jenkinson personifies the earnest young virtuoso.' - The independent

'his playing was always impressive' (Irish Times)

The Frith Piano Quartet

“The Frith Piano Quartet delivered a programme defined by excellent musicianship, strong ensemble work and fine solo performances which was clearly appreciated by the audience.”

Georgina Coburn, Inverness 2009

  “Their powerfully sonorous playing was marked by the utmost precision; I don't think I've ever heard such utterly unanimous pizzicatos.”

Mike Wheeler, Derby Press 2008

 “The Frith Piano Quartet perfectly captured Fauré’s stylish sublimation of suffering”

 Nigel Jarrett, Monmouth 2008

 “The superb blend of the strings, the supreme finesse and sparkle with which the piano part was imbued, the luxuriant and sensuous ambiance of the slow movement, the consistently strong, powerful rhythmic presence and, naturally consummate musicianship – all were there.”

Brian Paynes, Westmoreland Gazette 2008

  “The fireworks from the pianist (Benjamin Frith) in the first movement were matched in spades by Robert Heard(violin), Louise Williams(viola) and Richard Jenkinson(cello), excitement being intense yet controlled.”

Susan Allison, Cockermouth 2008

 “The Frith piano quartet played (Schumann’s Quartet) like they’d been playing it all their lives, and made the best possible case for a work which comes close to that crowning achievement, the Octet.”

Susan Allison, Cockermouth 2008

The Innovation Chamber Ensemble

Shropshire Star, 2008

Inspired concert reveals true skill

The Innovation Concert Ensemble at St Mary's Church, Shrewsbury

The Innovation Concert Ensemble presented a programme of music for string sextet, at St. Mary's Church, on Sunday, opening with the Prelude to "Capriccio" by Richard Strauss followed by the two sextets by Brahms. This was an inspired piece of programming, as these works are rarely heard live.


"Capriccio" is Strauss's final opera and this arrangement is a distillation of his music, richly romantic yet with a hint of irony. Here, as throughout the concert, the playing of the six musicians was beyond criticism. Their timing, ability to listen to each other is allied to techniques which were always at the service of the music.


Brahms's two sextets were written about five years apart. Each is a glorious work. The moments of lyrical beauty were played with love and skill by a group of musicians who clearly relished the technical demands of the music. 


A fine concert.


Andrew Petch


Fun and drama at the Beethoven & Brahms Festival 

Beethoven and Brahms Festival Weekend 

The resounding success of the Festival weekend was confirmed with Monday evening's concert by the Pro-Musica String Sextet, a collection of members of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Richard Jenkinson (cello), the leader, was full of praise for the acoustics at the Pump Room and highlighted the lovely bloom on the sound. Leamington is very fortunate to have such a superb small-concert venue. Brahms String Sextet No 1 Op 18 written by the 27 year old, was clearly influenced by Haydn, Mozart and Schubert and the premiere was such a great success that Brahms was encouraged to compose the No 2 sextet, Op 36, which he did at the age of 31. The two cellos of brother and sister, Richard and Katherine Jenkinson, were quite outstanding. There are strong cello leads in the second movement of No 1, showing the instrument's beauty playing some solemn themes. The scherzo livened things considerably and there was humour in this miniature scherzo, with tumbling rhythm and boisterousness typical of Beethoven. Excellent balance between all string players was a feature of both No 1 and No 2, and No 2 finished with a great flourish at a considerable pace with a furious climax. Seldom have we heard cellos sing in the way Richard was able to achieve in the rendition of the slow movement. Press deadlines mean that Tuesday evening's concert will need to be reviewed next week!! This has been an outstanding four days, with fun, humour, drama and technical brilliance combining to produce a memorable festival.




Martinu - Rossini Variations

Richard Jenkinson - cello      Robert Kulek - piano